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  1. FixNameCase FixNameCase Public

    Tool to convert variable and function names in C/C++ source code to snake_case

    Rust 4

  2. docker-python3-pandas-nanomsg docker-python3-pandas-nanomsg Public

    Docker image with python3, numpy, pandas, nanomsg, libpq-dev, libjpeg-dev


  3. Karaka Karaka Public

    Telegram bot to send message to a user via Telegram. Its original use case is to send alert about abnormal condition from farm control system to farmkeepers.

    Python 1 2

  4. influxalchemy influxalchemy Public

    Forked from amancevice/influxalchemy

    Query InfluxDB using SQLAlchemy-style syntax

    Python 1

  5. wagtailmenus wagtailmenus Public

    Forked from jazzband/wagtailmenus

    An app to help you manage and render menus in your Wagtail projects more effectively


  6. django-dbbackup django-dbbackup Public

    Forked from jazzband/django-dbbackup

    Management commands to help backup and restore your project database and media files



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