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# Generates the mapnik xml files and includes from
# their respective templates.
# Variable declarations on the form ${VAR} are substituted with
# the value of the corresponding enviroment variable VAR.
# awk program to substitute environment variables
AWKFILTER='{while(match($0,"[$]{[^}]*}")){var=substr($0,RSTART+2,RLENGTH -3);gsub("[$]{"var"}",ENVIRON[var])}}1'
if [[ -z $TOPOSM_ENV_SET ]]; then
echo "Error: TopOSM environment not set."
exit 1
# process includes
for SRC in `ls include/*.templ`; do
echo "Processing $SRC..."
DST=`dirname $SRC`/`basename $SRC .templ`
cat "$SRC" | awk "$AWKFILTER" > "$DST"
# process style xml files
for SRC in `ls templates/*.templ`; do
echo "Processing $SRC..."
DST=`basename $SRC .templ`
cat "$SRC" | awk "$AWKFILTER" > "$DST"
echo "Done."