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📊 Data Analysis and Visualization - DS320 #️⃣

Data Visualization and Analysis, Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy, Javascript, D3, Jupyter Notebooks.

I took this class in Fall 2018. Each folder is an project/exercise of one concept or more of Data Visualization and Analysis. The implementations are mainly in Python using Pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy, and Jupyter Notebooks, and can be walked through easily. Projects include:

  • Simple Data Plotting

  • Bicycling Dataset Analysis

  • Basic Scraping and Visualization

  • Webcrawling to build a CSV

  • Build a Dataframe using JSON

  • Housing Data Set Analysis

  • Matplotlib and Movies

  • IMDB 500 Top Movies Analysis

  • Class Work and Notes

💰 Best Car Deal 🚗

🔥 Scraping, Visualizing, and Analyzing 1,700,000 Entries of Used Cars for Sale on Craigslist to Find The Best Car Deal 💥

Buying a car is never an easy task, especially when buying a used one. So many different factors go into determining the price of a vehicle that it’s difficult to accurately predict what one should be paying. Aside from this there are some parts of the country where used car sales are few and far between and the prices are not so desirable. Using our scraped dataset of 1,700,000 entries of used car for sales from craigslist, we aimed to clarify some of these unknown variables and provide an easier experience for those searching for a car. Our goal was not to simply create static visualizations that compared cars from winter 2018, but instead we aim to create an application of sorts that allows users to continuously update the vehicles in their search.

Feel free to clone this repository or its related repositories and to explore the projects.