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🎰 Data Analysis and Machine Learning - K-Means Clustering, Sentiment Analysis, and Linear Regression - Models in Excel 🐝
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Calories - Automation
Calories - Calculations
Collaborative Filtering
Concessions Profit
Concessions Workbook
Credit Card Predictions
Data Cleaning
IBM HR Employee Attrition - Final Project
IRIS Clustering
Linear Regression Model
Linear Regression
Model training
Seeds Data Clustering
Sentiment Analysis Model
Text Cleanup

🎰 Intro to Data Science - DS120 🐝

Data Analysis and Machine Learning Models in Excel.

I took this class in Spring 2017. Each folder is its own project/exercise. There are some exercises in addition to multiple clustering, sentiment analysis, and linear regression models in this repository. The projects are all in excel and can be walked through easily. Feel free to clone this repository and to explore the projects.

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