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Pollination Contribution to Nutrition - EPFL Data Visualization Project

Running the visualization

The visualization can be seen in the following url:


This data visualization analyzes the pollination contribution to various food nutriments since 1850. This project is part of Stanford University's Natural Capital Project. In this project, we aim to show the world how the increase use of pesticides and higher tempratures are decreasing the pollination contribution to nutrition, and how this will affect millions of people in the future.

Files description

  • The source code is available in the templates folder in the various .js files. The HTML result is in index.html.

  • The folder dataset in templates contains all the csv files used in the visualization

  • The libraries folder in templates contains all the libraries used

  • The countries folders contains json files to describe the country borders

  • The images folder contains the images used in the visualization

  • The powerpoint and docx files in the main repo folder contain explanation of the dataset provided to us

Screen cast

A screen cast explaining the visualization is available in the following link:

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