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An iOS app which enables you to set alarms to ring at desired location
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📍Location Alarm

Select a location on the map, and your phone will ring when you are around it. So you won't forget about the grocery when you are around the store, and won't miss your station while falling asleep 😃.

🖼️ Screenshots

📽️ Demo Video

📝 Notes

  • Alarm will ring for only 60 seconds and it will stop automatically.
  • Alarm will ring even if the app is not active or closed.
  • If an alarm will ring when the app is closed, a notification will be send indicating that alarm is ringing, and you can stop it from that notification by swiping down and click on "Stop".
  • If you dismissed the notification without stoping the alarm, the alarm will continue ringing for 60 seconds, or until you open the app and stop it from there.
  • By enabling "Repeat" option in alarm settings, the alarm will ring everytime you enter the location region, otherwise, it will ring only once and it will be disabled after that.
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