A super easy Queued RPC on top of Redis, with JSON marshalling protocol and exception marshalling
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redique is an implementation of a high-performance Async RPC/Task Queue system built on top of Redis datastructure store and JSON marshalling protocol.

You normally want to use redique when you need to publish tasks to a set of workers to process asynchronously and retrieve the result using a task_id, or when you want to distribute workload over multiple workers easily without going through the hassle of understanding how message buses work.

Getting Started

You need to install the package first using pip

pip install redique

Then you need to create a backend class that contains the actual logic you want implement over the transport

class Calculator(object):
    def add(self, x, y):
        return x + y
    def raiseError(self):
        raise Exception("An Error Happened!")

Then you need to create a queue consumer on your worker side:

import redique
calculator = Calculator()
queue = redique.RediQue("calculator")

The last statement will block forever consuming tasks as they arrive.

On the publisher machine you need to execute tasks remotely

import redique
queue = redique.RediQue("calculator")
task_id = queue.push_task("add", 1, 2)
print queue.get_task_state(task_id)
print queue.wait_task_result(task_id)

Another way to do that is to call execute_task that blocks till the result is returned

import redique
queue = redique.RediQue("calculator")
print queue.execute_task("add", 1, 2)

Ahmed Soliman