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Class: Tehsil
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<a href="_index.html">Index (T)</a> &raquo;
<span class="title">Tehsil</span>
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<div id="content"><h1>Class: Tehsil
<dl class="box">
<dt class="r1">Inherits:</dt>
<dd class="r1">
<span class="inheritName">ActiveRecord::Base</span>
<ul class="fullTree">
<li class="next">ActiveRecord::Base</li>
<li class="next">Tehsil</li>
<a href="#" class="inheritanceTree">show all</a>
<dt class="r2 last">Defined in:</dt>
<dd class="r2 last">app/models/tehsil.rb</dd>
<div class="clear"></div>
<h2>Overview</h2><div class="docstring">
<div class="discussion">
<p>== Schema Information</p>
<p>Table name: tehsils</p>
<p>id :integer(4) not null, primary key
tehsil<em>id :string(4)
district</em>name :string(20)
tehsil_name :string(20)
active :string(1)
maxemis :string(8)</p>
<div class="tags">
<div id="footer">
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