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Repository Cache Container

This Container is designed for Cache the package installer contents to reduce network bandwidth and also increase docker build speed.

You can use with docker port share for the external accessibility.

docker run --restart always -it -p 80:80 ahmetozer/repo-cache

Local or without docker port share

If you don't want to expose your Container to everyone you can create a new network and use with only local network.

docker network create mynewnet

Check the static IP address for Container

Check your IP addresses which ever you want to use for repository cache.

server:~ docker inspect mynewnet | grep Subnet
"Subnet": "",
"Subnet": "2001:4700:4700:1111:f6a0::/80",

server:~ docker inspect bridge | grep && echo 'your IP is used, please select another one' || echo 'Your IP is not used'
Your IP is not used

Start Container

Set static IP address with --ip argumant and also for the automatically start Container requires custom --restart policy.

docker run --ip --restart always --network mynewnet ahmetozer/repo-cache

Forwarding hostnames to Container

echo $IP >> /etc/hostnames

Your Installation is completed and ready to use.

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