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Are you all ready for this?


2UN 🔵 LTD is a website that asks if you're ready for this. If you are ready for this, appropriate measures will be taken. But only for 1.5 seconds at a time.

Uhhhhhhhhhh... huh?

It's a site that plays 2 Unlimited's "Get Ready For This" while showing you videos off people dancing.

Yeahhhhhh, so... huh?

Look, I found out the domain was available for $3 so I bought it. At that point I had to actually make something with it.

So who made this thing?

Lemon made this one himself. 2 Unlimited was not involved. Lemon has also made other sites of equal usefulness in case you want to look at those.

Where did these videos come from?

  1. 2 Unlimited - No Limit (1993)
  2. Cybergoth Dance Party
  3. Double Dream Feet
  4. Teen Witch Rap Scene- Top that!
  5. Techno Viking Best Version
  6. Finnish Disco-Techno Dancing Instruction
  7. The Top 5 Moves of Hermit Crab
  8. Original Music Video Da Dip
  9. PRINCESS MADOKI (FRA) vs YOSHIE (JPN) Waacking Semifinal I STREETSTAR 2013
  11. Jogging in tune with Take On Me
  12. Puppet Dancing in South Africa
  13. The very best of Nicolas Cage: Forgotten footage
  14. #TaylorTaylor2014
  15. Drunk Russian Dirty Dancer
  16. Finnish guy dancing
  17. AJJ - Goodbye, Oh Goodbye (Official Video)
  18. Kids in the Hall Peanuts Dancing
  19. Nisa Soraya - Anna rakas raju hetki
  20. Taupou Samoa - Slap Dance
  21. Too Mera Superman (Dariya Dil)
  22. Soviet Space Disco 1978
  23. George W. Bush dancing to Jason Derulo
  24. Bust a Move - Dancing Dog
  25. Fruit Ninja Kinect Dance by Bboy360
  26. STREETSTAR 2013 - Vogue Femme Final Battle Lasseindra (FRA) vs Ida"Inxi" Holmlund (FIN)
  27. Bonde das Maravilhas - Aquecimento das Maravilhas
  28. This Aerobic Video Wins Everything

This is dumb, why do you waste your time making this stuff?