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(New Parody Porn Titles Every Day)


So, you know how you keep a list with you of all the funny parody porn titles you've ever thought of?


You don't do that?


Well, I do that.


Because it's funny? Look, I don't know what to tell you here. I had this list sitting around for a couple years, and finally decided to make a website out of it. There's a big master list of names, and then the site itself will generate a daily list of 20 of those titles as well as their ranking and box office gross, structurally trying to bring you artificial market forces while maximizing funny names.

Who made this?

My name is Lemon, I made this. My friend Boots helped. A whole lot of people have sent me titles which I've added if I've liked them enough.

Oooh, I have some more names for you!

Alright. You can tweet or email them to me.

Aren't you the guy who made


Do you take pull requests?

Yeah.... but talk to me about it first. I won't merge any unsolicited PR.

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