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The F Plus

This repo contains all the files which make work and operate the way it does. The website is built on Bastian Allgeier's Kirby CMS. As this site uses Kirby 2 rather than Kirby 3, the architecture files are kept in this repo as well. This repo also contains the site content, which is more-or-less current at any given time.

This project is kept on parity with what's currently happening on The F Plus website, and is primarily used for version tracking for me as well as to try to demonstrate everything I'm doing to make the site work. If you have a question or suggestion on how to make anything better, you can submit an issue.

If you have an idea on how to improve the site, please contact Lemon before putting in a pull request.

To get started, serve this repo via XAMPP and then visit localhost/thefplus