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A multi-platform video game that makes you a zombie-killer and a citizen-saver
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Zombie Dash

Designed by: Yiqiao Jin 靳轶乔 / Ahren

Have you watched the TV series "Walking Dead"? Or have you ever played Plants VS Zombies?

In Zombie Dash, your human friends are trapped by zombies AGAIN!! Your glorious job is to salvage them before their BRAINS are BITTEN OFF by ZOMBIES!


You play the role of Penelope, a zombie hunter. You need to trek through an abandoned building, rescuing frightened citizens before they are turned into brainless Zombies. On each level, you must lead all of the Citizens safely to the Exits, then head through an exit yourself so you can advance to the next level.


Zombies are blue. Some are Dumb Zombies and just wander around randomly, while others are Smart Zombies and will attempt to move toward you or Citizens if they get too close.

Do not let the Citizens or yourself get too close to Zombies. Any time either type of Zombie gets close enough to a person, the zombie may attempt to Vomit, which will soon turn the person into a BRAINLESS Zombie.

Avoid falling into Pits. A Pit can kill Zombies Citizens and you, the player!

Before it's too late, : Citizens: can get to the exit Penelope : YES! You, the player, can use a vaccine.

__ NOTICE: Only Penelope is clear-headed enough to use a vaccine on herself __


Up: W or 8
Left: A or 4
Down: S or 2
Right: D or 6
Space: fire flamethrower
Tab: deploy a landmine
Enter: use a vaccine
You can kill Zombies with:

Gas Can - denoted by an icon of Gas Can each containing 5 shots of flame thrower

Ammunition - denoted by an icon of Ammunition , each containing 2 landmines

You can save yourself with:

Vaccine - denoted by an icon of a First Aid Kit, each containing 1 vaccines


When Penelope picks up a vaccine / gas can / landmine 50 points
When a citizen escape through exit: 500 points
When a dumb zombie is destroyed: 1000 points
When a a smart zombie is destroyed: 2000 points
When a citizen becomes a zombie or dies for any reason: -1000 points


The maps of each level are customizable. You can edit your level file in Asset folder. The files are denoted by e.g. "level01.txt"

Cross Platform

Windows and Linux version are located under "ZombieDash_win_linux" directory

Zombie Dash - 中文介绍

好嘞!现在是中文版! 你会发现刚才我英文版的游戏说明啰里八嗦,其实各位聪明绝顶的中国玩家朋友们早就猜到了游戏操作( ̄∇ ̄)


你只需知道 WASD8 4 2 6 分别控制 上左下右

走到 弹药箱 / 汽油桶 / 急救包 上可以分别获得 地雷 / 火焰喷射器 / 急救药 不要掉进坑中,会直接挂彩哦 ; )

Space 发射火焰 Tab 布设地雷 Enter 使用解药

你不需要消灭所有的僵尸,但干掉僵尸会自动加分 你的目的,就是带领人质成功到达出口,然后自己也成功逃脱——Level Up!


游戏地图是可以修改的, 全部位于 Asset 文件夹下 文件名类似 "level01.txt"


Windows 及 Linux 版本请见"ZombieDash_win_linux"文件夹

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