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deamon which acts as bitcoind wallet for AidosKuneen (step1)
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aidosd is a deamon which acts as bitcoind for adk. For now impletented APIs are :

NOTE: DON'T USE MULTIPLE ACCOUTS. Account feature will be removed in a later version.

  • getnewaddress
  • listaccounts
  • listaddressgroupings
  • validateaddress
  • settxfee
  • walletpassphrase
  • sendmany
  • sendfrom
  • gettransaction
  • getbalance
  • sendtoaddress
  • listtransactions

and walletnotify feature.

Refer Bitcoin API Reference (e.g. here) for more details about how to call these APIs.

See incompatibility lists for details about incompatibilities with Bitcoin APIs.


  • go 1.8+
  • gcc (for linux)
  • mingw (for windows)


  • ""
  • ""


	$ mkdir go
	$ cd go
	$ mkdir src
	$ mkdir bin
	$ mkdir pkg
	$ exoprt GOPATH=`pwd`
	$ cd src
	$ go get -u
	$ cd
	$ go build


Configurations are in aidosd.conf.

  • rpcuser : Username for JSON-RPC connections
  • rpcpassword: Password for JSON-RPC connections
  • rpcport: Listen for JSON-RPC connections on (default: 8332)
  • walletnotify: Execute command when a transaction comes into a wallet (%s in cmd is replaced by bundle ID)
  • aidos_node: Host address of an Aidos node server , which must be confifured for wallet.
  • testnet: Set true if you are using testnet (default: false).
  • passphrase: Set false if your program sends tokens withtout walletpassphrase (default :true) .
  • tag: Set your identifier. You can use charcters 9 and A~Z and don't use other ones, and it must be under 20 characters. This is used as tag in transactions aidosd sends.

Note that aidosd always encrypts seeds with AES regardles passphrase settings.

Examples of aidosd.conf:

walletnotify=/home/adk/script/ %s
aidos_node = http://localhost:14266
testnet = false
passphrase = true
testnet = true
passphrase = false
aidos_node = http://localhost:15555


When you run aidosd first time, you need to input a password to encrypt seeds in wallet. If you run aidosd 2nd time or later, you need to input the password to decrypt seeds.

$ ./aidosd
enter password: <input your password> 

Then aidosd starts to run in background.

$ ./aidosd
Enter password: 
starting the aidosd server at port
aidosd is started

If you forget the password, YOU CANNOT ACCESS YOUR SEED ANYMORE (i.e. you cannot use your token). Please remove the database in this case, i.e. remove aidosd.db .

To know if it is still running, run:

	$ ./aidosd status

This prints the status ("running" or "stopped").

When you want to stop:

	$ ./aidosd stop
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