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Your library to write discord apps in C# with focus on always providing access to the latest discord features


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A Discord App Library written in C# for .NET



  • .NET 9 Support
  • .NET 8 Support
  • Support for the new Username System (pomelo)
  • Support for Linked Roles
  • Full support for Application Subscriptions
  • Support for Voice Messages
  • Partial support for role subscriptions
  • Partial support for burst reactions
  • Full support for onboarding
  • Support for default select menu values (THANKS MAISY FOR ADDING IT TO DISCORD)
  • DisCatSharp can now check for new releases, including for extensions
  • 🆕 Full support for User Apps
  • 🆕 Full support for Polls


  • Lavalink V4 implementation. Read more here
  • Dropped support for .NET 6
  • Removed previously deprecated fields and methods


Why DisCatSharp?

If you:

  • want a library where you get kind and efficient help
  • would like to have and use the most recent features of the Discord API
  • are ready to build great things

Then this is the right place for you!

What Happened With The History

We've squashed the history of DisCatSharp due to it's clone size and cluttered history. The original history can be seen in the releases / tags and at (Archived version before the squash).


You can install the library from the following sources:


The documentation is available at

Alternative hosts for our docs are:

Bugs or Feature requests?

Either join our official support guild at, open an issue or write us an email at

Tutorials / Examples

Visual Studio Tools

NuGet Packages


Package Stable Nightly
DisCatSharp NuGet NuGet
DisCatSharp.ApplicationCommands NuGet NuGet
DisCatSharp.CommandsNext NuGet NuGet
DisCatSharp.Interactivity NuGet NuGet


Package Stable Nightly
DisCatSharp.Lavalink NuGet NuGet
DisCatSharp.VoiceNext NuGet NuGet
DisCatSharp.VoiceNext.Natives NuGet NuGet


Package Stable Nightly
DisCatSharp.Configuration NuGet NuGet
DisCatSharp.Hosting NuGet NuGet
DisCatSharp.Hosting.DependencyInjection NuGet NuGet


Package Stable Nightly
DisCatSharp.ProjectTemplates NuGet NuGet

Development / Commons

Package Stable Nightly
DisCatSharp.Attributes NuGet NuGet
DisCatSharp.Common NuGet NuGet
DisCatSharp.Analyzer.Roselyn NuGet NuGet



Big thanks goes to the following people who helped us without being part of the core team ♥️

Special Thanks

The special thanks goes to Nagisa. Make sure to check out her Instagram ♥️♥️

The second special thanks goes to Sentry (GitHub) for sponsering us a business account on sentry for error tracking. You guys are the best 💕⭐

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