A git server side platform based on ASP.NET MVC. 一个基于ASP.NET MVC的git服务端。QQ群:200319579。
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GitCandy© is a Git distributed version control platform based on ASP.NET MVC application, which supports public and private repositories. You can create and collaborate your repository with your team anytime anywhere without any limit.

Visit a demo on http://gitcandy.com.

Get source and fork me on http://github.com/Aimeast/GitCandy.



  • Download last release or build dev branch by yourself
  • Create a web site on IIS, copy binary and resource files to site path
  • Copy GitCandy\bin\[NativeBinaries & x86 & x64] folders to destination if you are publishing the website
  • Create a database by /Sql/Create.[Sqlite | MsSql].sql, copy database file to App_Data folder if any
  • Update connection string in Web.config file
  • Prepare two folders for storage Repositories and Cache
  • Navigate to your site and login with default username admin, password gitcandy
  • Go to Settings page for set folders path of Repositories, Cache and git-core
  • You are recommended to set <compilation debug="false" /> in Web.config
  • The Repositories or Cache path looks like x:\Repos or x:\Cache
  • The git-core path looks like x:\PortableGit\libexec\git-core or x:\PortableGit\mingw64\libexec\git-core


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The MIT license