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Alfresco extension to fill pdf templates from metadata properties
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Template Processor component for Alfresco 5.x

This project contains a Template Processor for filling PDF-documents with values using meta-data.


To build the module and its AMP / JAR files, run the following command from the base project directory:

mvn clean install

The command builds JAR files named template-processor-share-jar-<version>.jar/template-processor-share-jar-<version>.amp, template-processor-platform-jar-<version>.jar/template-processor-platform-jar-<version>.amp into <project-directory>/template-processor-platform-jar/target/ and <project-directory>/template-processor-share-jar/target/ directories.


Use alfresco built-in tools to deploy plugin, Alfresco install AMP

Using the component

  • Log into Alfresco and create your model
  • Define custom type with custom properties
  • Add PDF-document to Alfresco repository
  • Change type of your document to your model
  • Add aspect to the document of Template Processor aim:template
  • Now you can fill in properties into your document just clicking Fill PDF with values
  • After it's done once, you are not able to fill values again
  • However, if you, for some reason, need to change values in the PDF-document - you need to edit the properties and remove mark from checkbox Document is filled in the property list

Note: names should follow these conventions:

  • Id of the property is prefix:name, for example mycom:name
  • Id of the property is generated by Alfresco, so Id mycom:name means that you have model with namespace mycom and property name
  • Id of the input field in the PDF-document should follow prefixed name, in this case mycom:name
  • The mime-type of the PDF-document should be application/pdf
  • The Ids are case-sensitive, so mycom:Name and mycom:name are different Ids
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