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Wikidata menus for Wikimania 2019
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Tastydata is a tool to show several menues where the localisation is done by connecting each ingredient to the item about it in Wikidata. It could be used for conferences where the audience is expected to be highly multilingual and manual localisation would not be feasible.


Denny Vrandecic started a proof of concept. This tool was adapted by Wikimedia Sverige and used to create and display 30+ menues used in the food festival in Stockholm in June 2015. This is a fork used to create menues for Wikimania 2019.

Translations were promoted through the Wikidata Menu Challenge.


The menues are using qlabel for getting translations for concepts from Wikidata and Universal Language Selector for language selection. The python scripts for the generator relies on python2.

How to use the menu

Go to and click on a meal to see the menu for that meal. Change language with the language selector. Click on an ingredient to see an image of it.

Adding data and generating menues

Is explained in this readme.


The project is licensed under Apache License 2.0.


Thanks to Denny Vrandecic who started the project. Wikimedia Sverige and primarily André Costa made modifications to and extensions of it 2015. Layout and design was mostly done by MidasN in MidasN/WikimediaTastydata.

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