An RRDtool frontend for InternetNetNews (INN2, a news server) lighter than munin
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RRDNEWS version 1.0.1 by Paolo Amoroso <>, copyright 2018 (BSD release)

RRDNews is a set of simple bash scripts that gather some information about the activity of a news server, 
save it in a rrd file and then generate graphs. 
Before these scripts are used, they require changes to file and directory paths at the top of each file.
RRDtool is required by RRDNews

The script creates the rrd databases and must be executed only once.
The script updates the rrd databases created by and MUST run once a minute.
The graphs are generated by which requires an argument on the command line: if the keyword "all" 
is inserted, all graphs are generated; with "daily" only the daily charts are generated, with "weekly" only the 
weekly pics are generated, with "monthly" only the monthly charts and with "annual" only the annuals images.