Search, retrieval, and random utility cogs for Red Discord Bot.
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A repo with search, retrieval, and utility cogs made for Red Bot.

If you are asking yourself, "What is Red?" or "Who the heck is Red?", then follow this link: Red - DiscordBot

##Contact Me

If you need to get ahold of me, I am in the Red Discord Server most of the time. If you don't see me online, drop me a PM or open an issue here. You can PM me on @Axas#7680 if my cog caught your bot on fire. (Both literally and figuratively)


Twentysix26 for creating an awesome modular bot! Everyone in the Red Bot Discord server for guiding me to the proper places so that I can learn by myself and slowly but surely improve (at least I hope I do.) License page shamelessly copied from Redjumpman, cuz it looked pretty.


Please see MIT License for details. This project is open source and you are free to modify my work so long as you credit me.