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The Airbitz android application comes in 3 flavors. Production, Testnet and Develop. To build it issue one of the following commands:

Develop version (Seperate App ID which does not conflict with production version. Also uses the develop branch of airbitz-core-java)

./gradlew installDevelopDebug

Testnet version

./gradlew installNettestDebug

Production version

./gradlew installProdDebug


Airbitz includes airbitz-plugins which are HTML5 single page applications that are included in the APK. If you have setup the airbitz-plugins repository you can automatically build them with the following gradle command.

./gradlew buildAirbitzPlugins

API Keys

In order to work with Airbitz servers, Google Maps, or any plugin partners (glidera, foldapp, clevercoin), you'll need API keys. They are placed in an xml file called keys.xml in src/prod/res/values or src/nettest/res/values or src/develop/res/values.

Airbitz APIs

This app is build heavily on airbitz-core-java which leverages airbitz-core. If you are interested in the underlying security, and possibly using it in your application, please see our API overview.