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Airbitz Javascript core

This library implements the Airbitz Edge Security login infrastructure. It runs inside a client application, and provides zero-knowledge access to cryptographic keys and other secrets via a familiar password-based login system.


Run npm install to download dependencies and build the library, then run npm test to run the tests.

If you would like to make the CLI tool globally accessible, do npm link. After that, you can invoke the airbitz-core-js executable from anywhere.


All sources are in the JavaScript Standard Style.

We use a limited subset of ES6 syntax feature, as supported by Bublé. We also use the Promise and node.js Buffer types, so polyfills may be necessary.

Account Management UI

To quickly get up and running with the UI for account creation, login, and management (change PIN/password), use airbitz-core-js-ui.

React Native

Since React Native doesn't support several nodeisms like Buffer, our stopgap measure is to bundle things with Webpack. To do this, just run npm run webpack. This will produce dist/abc.bundle.js, so you'll need to adjust package.json to point main at that file.