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Use your package manager's search functionality to look for an i3-gaps package. The exact package name may depend on the specific distribution you are using.

The following list contains known packages on different distributions. It is not necessarily complete. If a package is missing here and should be listed, please create an issue.

Arch / Manjaro

i3-gaps is also available from the official Arch Community Repository as i3-gaps.

The development version of i3-gaps is available from the AUR as i3-gaps-next-git.

For Manjaro there is also a dedicated i3 community spin which comes with a preconfigured system using i3-gaps.


There are several PPAs available, for example this one.


Starting with NixOS 16.09, you can configure i3-gaps as default window manager in your /etc/nixos/configuration.nix:

services.xserver.windowManager = {
  i3-gaps.enable = true;
  default = "i3-gaps";


xbps-install -S i3-gaps


i3-gaps is available as community repo on copr.


i3-gaps is available from the official repository starting with Tumbleweed.


emerge i3-gaps
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