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WLED changelog

Builds after release 0.13.1

Build 2203191

  • Fixed sunrise/set calculation (once again)

Build 2203190

  • Fixed /json/cfg unable to set busses (#2589)
  • Fixed Peek with odd LED counts > 255 (#2586)

Build 2203160

  • Version bump to v0.13.2-a0 "Toki"
  • Add ability to skip up to 255 LEDs
  • Dependency version bumps

WLED release 0.13.1

Build 2203150

  • Version bump to v0.13.1 "Toki"
  • Fix persistent preset bug, preventing save of new presets

WLED release 0.13.0

Build 2203142

  • Release of WLED v0.13.0 "Toki"
  • Reduce APA102 hardware SPI frequency to 5Mhz
  • Remove persistent parameter in savePreset()

Builds between releases 0.12.0 and 0.13.0

Build 2203140

  • Added factory reset by pressing button 0 for >10 seconds
  • Added ability to set presets from DMX Effect mode
  • Simplified label hiding JS in user interface
  • Fixed JSON {"live":true} indefinite realtime mode

Build 2203080

  • Disabled auto white mode in segments with no RGB bus
  • Fixed hostname string not 0-terminated
  • Fixed Popcorn mode not lighting first LED on pop

Build 2203060

  • Dynamic hiding of unused color controls in UI (PR #2567)
  • Removed native Cronixie support and added Cronixie usermod
  • Fixed disabled timed preset expanding calendar
  • Fixed Color Order setting shown for analog busses
  • Fixed incorrect operator (#2566)

Build 2203011

  • IR rewrite (PR #2561), supports CCT
  • Added locate button to Time settings
  • CSS fixes and adjustments
  • Consistent Tab indentation in index JS and CSS
  • Added initial contribution style guideline

Build 2202222

  • Version bump to 0.13.0-b7 "Toki"
  • Fixed HTTP API commands not applying to all selected segments in some conditions
  • Blynk support is not compiled in by default on ESP32 builds

Build 2202210

  • Fixed HTTP API commands not applying to all selected segments if called from JSON
  • Improved Stream effects, no longer rely on LED state and won't fade out at low brightness

Build 2202200

  • Added info.leds.seglc per-segment light capability info (PR #2552)
  • Fixed info.leds.rgbw behavior
  • Segment bounds sync (PR #2547)
  • WebSockets auto reconnection and error handling
  • Disable relay pin by default (PR #2531)
  • Various fixes (ESP32 touch pin 33, floats, PR #2530, #2534, #2538)
  • Deprecated info.leds.cct, info.leds.wv and info.leds.rgbw
  • Deprecated /url endpoint

Build 2202030

  • Switched to binary format for WebSockets peek (PR #2516)
  • Playlist bugfix
  • Added extractModeName() utility function
  • Added serial out (PR #2517)
  • Added configurable baud rate

Build 2201260

  • Initial ESP32-C3 and ESP32-S2 support (PRs #2452, #2454, #2502)
  • Full segment sync (PR #2427)
  • Allow overriding of color order by ranges (PR #2463)
  • Added white channel to Peek

Build 2112080

  • Version bump to 0.13.0-b6 "Toki"
  • Added "ESP02" (ESP8266 with 2M of flash) to PIO/release binaries

Build 2112070

  • Added new effect "Fairy", replacing "Police All"
  • Added new effect "Fairytwinkle", replacing "Two Areas"
  • Static single JSON buffer (performance and stability improvement) (PR #2336)

Build 2112030

  • Fixed ESP32 crash on Colortwinkles brightness change
  • Fixed setting picker to black resetting hue and saturation
  • Fixed auto white mode not saved to config

Build 2111300

  • Added CCT and white balance correction support (PR #2285)
  • Unified UI slider style
  • Added LED settings config template upload

Build 2111220

  • Fixed preset cycle not working from preset called by UI
  • Reintroduced permanent min. and max. cycle bounds

Build 2111190

  • Changed default ESP32 LED pin from 16 to 2
  • Renamed "Running 2" to "Chase 2"
  • Renamed "Tri Chase" to "Chase 3"

Build 2111170

  • Version bump to 0.13.0-b5 "Toki"
  • Improv Serial support (PR #2334)
  • Button improvements (PR #2284)
  • Added two time zones (PR #2264, 2311)
  • JSON in/decrementing support for brightness and presets
  • Fixed no gamma correction for JSON individual LED control
  • Preset cycle bugfix
  • Removed ledCount
  • LED settings buffer bugfix
  • Network pin conflict bugfix
  • Changed default ESP32 partition layout to 4M, 1M FS

Build 2110110

  • Version bump to 0.13.0-b4 "Toki"
  • Added option for bus refresh if off (PR #2259)
  • New auto segment logic
  • Fixed current calculations for virtual or non-linear configs (PR #2262)

Build 2110060

  • Added virtual network DDP busses (PR #2245)
  • Allow playlist as end preset in playlist
  • Improved bus start field UX
  • Pin reservations improvements (PR #2214)

Build 2109220

  • Version bump to 0.13.0-b3 "Toki"
  • Added segment names (PR #2184)
  • Improved Police and other effects (PR #2184)
  • Reverted PR #1902 (Live color correction - will be implemented as usermod) (PR #2175)
  • Added transitions for segment on/off
  • Improved number of sparks/stars in Fireworks effect with low number of segments
  • Fixed segment name edit pencil disappearing with request
  • Fixed color transition active even if the segment is off
  • Disallowed file upload with OTA lock active
  • Fixed analog invert option missing (PR #2219)

Build 2109100

  • Added an auto create segments per bus setting
  • Added 15 new palettes from SR branch (PR #2134)
  • Fixed segment runtime not reset on FX change via HTTP API
  • Changed AsyncTCP dependency to pbolduc fork v1.2.0

Build 2108250

  • Added Sync groups (PR #2150)
  • Added JSON API over Serial support
  • Live color correction (PR #1902)

Build 2108180

  • Fixed JSON IR remote not working with codes greater than 0xFFFFFF (fixes #2135)
  • Fixed transition 0 edge case

Build 2108170

  • Added application level pong websockets reply (#2139)
  • Use AsyncTCP 1.0.3 as it mitigates the flickering issue from 0.13.0-b2
  • Fixed transition manually updated in preset overriden by field value

Build 2108050

  • Fixed undesirable color transition from Orange to boot preset color on first boot
  • Removed misleading Delete button on new playlist with one entry
  • Updated NeoPixelBus to 2.6.7 and AsyncTCP to 1.1.1

Build 2107230

  • Added skinning (extra custom CSS) (PR #2084)
  • Added presets/config backup/restore (PR #2084)
  • Added option for using length instead of Stop LED in UI (PR #2048)
  • Added custom holidays.json holiday list (PR #2048)

Build 2107100

  • Version bump to 0.13.0-b2 "Toki"
  • Accept hex color strings in individual LED API
  • Fixed transition property not applying unless power/bri/color changed next
  • Moved transition field below segments (temporarily)
  • Reduced unneeded websockets pushes

Build 2107091

  • Fixed presets using wrong call mode (e.g. causing buttons to send UDP under direct change type)
  • Increased hue buffer

Build 2107090

  • Busses extend total configured LEDs if required
  • Fixed extra button pins defaulting to 0 on first boot

Build 2107080

  • Made Peek use the main websocket connection instead of opening a second one
  • Temperature usermod fix (from @blazoncek's dev branch)

Build 2107070

  • More robust initial resource loading in UI
  • Added getJsonValue() for usermod config parsing (PR #2061)
  • Fixed preset saving over websocket
  • Alpha ESP32 S2 support (filesystem does not work) (PR #2067)

Build 2107042

  • Updated ArduinoJson to 6.18.1
  • Improved Twinkleup effect
  • Fixed preset immediately deselecting when set via HTTP API PL=

Build 2107041

  • Restored support for "PL=~" mistakenly removed in 2106300
  • JSON IR improvements

Build 2107040

  • Playlist entries are now more compact
  • Added the possibility to enter negative numbers for segment offset

Build 2107021

  • Added WebSockets support to UI

Build 2107020

  • Send websockets on every state change
  • Improved Aurora effect

Build 2107011

  • Added MQTT button feedback option (PR #2011)

Build 2107010

  • Added JSON IR codes (PR #1941)
  • Adjusted the width of WiFi and LED settings input fields
  • Fixed a minor visual issue with slider trail not reaching thumb on low values

Build 2106302

  • Fixed settings page broken by using "%" in input fields

Build 2106301

  • Fixed a problem with disabled buttons reverting to pin 0 causing conflict

Build 2106300

  • Version bump to 0.13.0-b0 "Toki"
  • BREAKING: Removed preset cycle (use playlists)
  • BREAKING: Removed nl.fade, and ccnf from JSON API
  • Added playlist editor UI
  • Reordered segment UI and added offset field
  • Raised maximum MQTT password length to 64 (closes #1373)

Build 2106290

  • Added Offset to segments, allows shifting the LED considered first within a segment
  • Added of property to seg object in JSON API to set offset
  • Usermod settings improvements (PR #2043, PR #2045)

Build 2106250

  • Fixed preset only disabling on second effect/color change

Build 2106241

  • BREAKING: Added ability for usermods to force a config save if config incomplete. readFromConfig() needs to return a bool to indicate if the config is complete
  • Updated usermods implementing readFromConfig()
  • Auto-create segments based on configured busses

Build 2106200

  • Added 2 Ethernet boards and split Ethernet configs into separate file

Build 2106180

  • Fixed DOS on Chrome tab restore causing reboot

Build 2106170

  • Optimized JSON buffer usage (pre-serialized color arrays)

Build 2106140

  • Updated main logo
  • Reduced flash usage by 0.8kB by using 8-bit instead of 32-bit PNGs for welcome and 404 pages
  • Added a check to stop Alexa reporting an error if state set by macro differs from the expected state

Build 2106100

  • Added support for multiple buttons with various types (PR #1977)
  • Fixed infinite playlists (PR #2020)
  • Added r to playlist object, allows for shuffle regardless of the repeat value
  • Improved accuracy of NTP time sync
  • Added possibility for WLED UDP sync to sync system time
  • Improved UDP sync accuracy, if both sender and receiver are NTP synced
  • Fixed a cache issue with restored tabs
  • Cache CORS request
  • Disable WiFi sleep by default on ESP32

Build 2105230

  • No longer retain MQTT /v topic to alleviate storage loads on MQTT broker
  • Fixed Sunrise calculation (atan_t approx. used outside of value range)

Build 2105200

  • Fixed WS281x output on ESP32
  • Fixed potential out-of-bounds write in MQTT
  • Fixed IR pin not changeable if IR disabled
  • Fixed XML API containing -1 on Manual only RGBW mode (see #888, #1783)

Build 2105171

  • Always copy MQTT payloads to prevent non-0-terminated strings
  • Updated ArduinoJson to 6.18.0
  • Added experimental support for {"on":"t"} to toggle on/off state via JSON

Build 2105120

  • Fixed possibility of non-0-terminated MQTT payloads
  • Fixed two warnings regarding integer comparison

Build 2105112

  • Usermod settings page no usermods message
  • Lowered min speed for Drip effect

Build 2105111

  • Fixed various Codacy code style and logic issues

Build 2105110

  • Added Usermod settings page and configurable usermods (PR #1951)
  • Added experimental /json/cfg endpoint for changing settings from JSON (see #1944, not part of official API)

Build 2105070

  • Fixed not turning on after pressing "Off" on IR remote twice (#1950)
  • Fixed OTA update file selection from Android app (TODO: file type verification in JS, since android can't deal with accept='.bin' attribute)

Build 2104220

  • Version bump to 0.12.1-b1 "Hikari"
  • Release and build script improvements (PR #1844)

Build 2104211

  • Replace default TV simulator effect with the version that saves 18k of flash and appears visually identical

Build 2104210

  • Added tb to JSON state, allowing setting the timebase (set tb=0 to start e.g. wipe effect from the beginning). Receive only.
  • Slightly raised Solid mode refresh rate to work with LEDs (TM1814) that require refresh rates of at least 2fps
  • Added sunrise and sunset calculation to the backup JSON time source

Build 2104151

  • NUM_STRIPS no longer required with compile-time strip defaults
  • Further optimizations in wled_math.h

Build 2104150

  • Added ability to add multiple busses as compile time defaults using the esp32_multistrip usermod define syntax

Build 2104141

  • Reduced memory usage by 540b by switching to a different trigonometric approximation

Build 2104140

  • Added dynamic location-based Sunrise/Sunset macros (PR #1889)
  • Improved seasonal background handling (PR #1890)
  • Fixed instance discovery not working if MQTT not compiled in
  • Fixed Button, IR, Relay pin not assigned by default (resolves #1891)

Build 2104120

  • Added switch support (button macro is switch closing action, long press macro switch opening)
  • Replaced Circus effect with new Running Dual effect (Circus is Tricolor Chase with Red/White/Black)
  • Fixed ledmap with multiple segments (PR #1864)

Build 2104030

  • Fixed ESP32 crash on Drip effect with reversed segment (#1854)
  • Added flag WLED_DISABLE_BROWNOUT_DET to disable ESP32 brownout detector (off by default)

WLED release 0.12.0

Build 2104020

  • Allow clearing button/IR/relay pin on platforms that don't support negative numbers
  • Removed AUX pin
  • Hid some easter eggs, only to be found at easter

Development versions between 0.11.1 and 0.12.0 releases

Build 2103310

  • Version bump to 0.12.0 "Hikari"
  • Fixed LED settings submission in iOS app

Build 2103300

  • Version bump to 0.12.0-b5 "Hikari"
  • Update to core espressif32@3.2
  • Fixed IR pin not configurable

Build 2103290

  • Version bump to 0.12.0-b4 "Hikari"
  • Experimental use of espressif32@3.1.1
  • Fixed RGBW mode disabled after LED settings saved
  • Fixed infrared support not compiled in if IRPIN is not defined

Build 2103230

  • Fixed current estimation

Build 2103220

  • Version bump to 0.12.0-b2 "Hikari"
  • Worked around an issue causing a critical decrease in framerate (wled.cpp l.240 block)
  • Bump to Espalexa v2.7.0, fixing discovery

Build 2103210

  • Version bump to 0.12.0-b1 "Hikari"
  • More colors visible on Palette preview
  • Fixed chevron icon not included
  • Fixed color order override
  • Cleanup

Build 2103200

  • Version bump to 0.12.0-b0 "Hikari"
  • Added palette preview and search (PR #1637)
  • Added Reverse checkbox for PWM busses - reverses logic level for on
  • Fixed various problems with the Playlist feature (PR #1724)
  • Replaced "Layer" icon with "i" icon for Info button
  • Chunchun effect more fitting for various segment lengths (PR #1804)
  • Removed global reverse (in favor of individual bus reverse)
  • Removed some unused icons from UI icon font

Build 2103130

  • Added options for Auto Node discovery
  • Optimized strings (no string both F() and raw)

Build 2103090

  • Added Auto Node discovery (PR #1683)
  • Added tooltips to quick color selectors for accessibility

Build 2103060

  • Auto start field population in bus config

Build 2103050

  • Fixed incorrect over-memory indication in LED settings on ESP32

Build 2103041

  • Added destructor for BusPwm (fixes #1789)

Build 2103040

  • Fixed relay mode inverted when upgrading from 0.11.0
  • Fixed no more than 2 pins per bus configurable in UI
  • Changed to non-linear IR brightness steps (PR #1742)
  • Fixed various warnings (PR #1744)
  • Added UDP DNRGBW Mode (PR #1704)
  • Added dynamic LED mapping with ledmap.json file (PR #1738)
  • Added support for QuinLED-ESP32-Ethernet board
  • Added support for WESP32 ethernet board (PR #1764)
  • Added Caching for main UI (PR #1704)
  • Added Tetrix mode (PR #1729)
  • Removed Merry Christmas mode (use "Chase 2" - called Running 2 before 0.13.0)
  • Added memory check on Bus creation

Build 2102050

  • Version bump to 0.12.0-a0 "Hikari"
  • Added FPS indication in info
  • Bumped max outputs from 7 to 10 busses for ESP32

Build 2101310

  • First alpha configurable multipin

Build 2101130

  • Added color transitions for all segments and slots and for segment brightness
  • Fixed bug that prevented setting a boot preset higher than 25

Build 2101040

  • Replaced Red & Blue effect with Aurora effect (PR #1589)
  • Fixed HTTP changing segments uncommanded (#1618)
  • Updated copyright year and contributor page link

Build 2012311

  • Fixed Countdown mode

Build 2012310

  • (Hopefully actually) fixed display of usermod values in info screen

Build 2012240

  • Fixed display of usermod values in info screen
  • 4 more effects now use FRAMETIME
  • Remove unsupported environments from platformio.ini

Build 2012210

  • Split index.htm in separate CSS + JS files (PR #1542)
  • Minify UI HTML, saving >1.5kB flash
  • Fixed JShint warnings

Build 2012180

  • Boot brightness 0 will now use the brightness from preset
  • Add iOS scrolling momentum (from PR #1528)

WLED release 0.11.1

Build 2012180

  • Release of WLED 0.11.1 "Mirai"
  • Fixed AP hide not saving (fixes #1520)
  • Fixed MQTT password re-transmitted to HTML
  • Hide Update buttons while uploading, accept .bin
  • Make sure AP password is at least 8 characters long

Development versions after 0.11.0 release

Build 2012160

  • Bump Espalexa to 2.5.0, fixing discovery (PR Espalexa/#152, originally PR #1497)

Build 2012150

  • Added Blends FX (PR #1491)
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to deactivate timed presets

Build 2012140

  • Added Preset ID quick display option (PR #1462)
  • Fixed LEDs not turning on when using gamma correct brightness and LEDPIN 2 (default)
  • Fixed notifier applying main segment to selected segments on notification with FX/Col disabled

Build 2012130

  • Fixed RGBW mode not saved between reboots (fixes #1457)
  • Added brightness scaling in palette function for default (PR #1484)

Build 2012101

  • Fixed preset cycle default duration rounded down to nearest 10sec interval (#1458)
  • Enabled E1.31/DDP/Art-Net in AP mode

Build 2012100

  • Fixed multi-segment preset cycle
  • Fixed EEPROM (pre-0.11 settings) not cleared on factory reset
  • Fixed an issue with intermittent crashes on FX change (PR #1465)
  • Added function to know if strip is updating (PR #1466)
  • Fixed using colorwheel sliding the UI (PR #1459)
  • Fixed analog clock settings not saving (PR #1448)
  • Added Temperature palette (PR #1430)
  • Added Candy cane FX (PR #1445)

Build 2012020

  • UDP parsePacket() with sync disabled (#1390)
  • Added Multi RGBW DMX mode (PR #1383)

Build 2012010

  • Fixed compilation for analog (PWM) LEDs

WLED version 0.11.0

Build 2011290

  • Release of WLED 0.11.0 "Mirai"
  • Workaround for weird empty %f Espalexa issue
  • Fixed crash on saving preset with HTTP API PS
  • Improved performance for color changes in non-main segment

Build 2011270

  • Added tooltips for speed and intensity sliders (PR #1378)
  • Moved color order to NpbWrapper.h
  • Added compile time define to override the color order for a specific range

Build 2011260

  • Add live property to state, allowing toggling of realtime (not incl. in state resp.)
  • PIO environment changes

Build 2011230

  • Version bump to 0.11.0 "Mirai"
  • Improved preset name sorting
  • Fixed Preset cycle not working beyond preset 16

Development versions between 0.10.2 and 0.11.0 releases

Build 2011220

  • Fixed invalid save when modifying preset before refresh (might be related to #1361)
  • Fixed brightness factor ignored on realtime timeout (fixes #1363)
  • Fixed Phase and Chase effects with LED counts >256 (PR #1366)

Build 2011210

  • Fixed Brightness slider beneath color wheel not working (fixes #1360)
  • Fixed invalid UI state after saving modified preset

Build 2011200

  • Added HEX color receiving to JSON API with "col":["RRGGBBWW"] format
  • Moved Kelvin color receiving in JSON API from "col":[[val]] to "col":[val] format Notice: This is technically a breaking change. Since no release was made since the introduction and the Kelvin property was not previously documented in the wiki, impact should be minimal.
  • BTNPIN can now be disabled by setting to -1 (fixes #1237)

Build 2011180

  • Platformio.ini updates and streamlining (PR #1266)
  • my_config.h custom compile settings system (not yet used for much, adapted from PR #1266)
  • Added Hawaii timezone (HST)
  • Linebreak after 5 quick select buttons

Build 2011154

  • Fixed RGBW saved incorrectly
  • Fixed pmt caching requesting /presets.json too often
  • Fixed deEEP not copying the first segment of EEPROM preset 16

Build 2011153

  • Fixed an ESP32 end-of-file issue
  • Fixed strip.isRgbw not read from cfg.json

Build 2011152

  • Version bump to 0.11.0p "Mirai"
  • Increased max. num of segments to 12 (ESP8266) / 16 (ESP32)
  • Up to 250 presets stored in the presets.json file in filesystem
  • Complete overhaul of the Presets UI tab
  • Updated iro.js to v5 (fixes black color wheel)
  • Added white temperature slider to color wheel
  • Add JSON settings serialization/deserialization to cfg.json and wsec.json
  • Added deEEP to convert the EEPROM settings and presets to files
  • Playlist support - JSON only for now
  • New v2 usermod methods addToConfig() and readFromConfig() (see EXAMPLE_v2 for doc)
  • Added Ethernet support for ESP32 (PR #1316)
  • IP addresses are now handled by the Network class
  • New esp32_poe PIO environment
  • Use EspAsyncWebserver Aircoookie fork v.2.0.0 (hiding wsec.json)
  • Removed WLED_DISABLE_FILESYSTEM and WLED_ENABLE_FS_SERVING defines as they are now required
  • Added pin manager
  • UI performance improvements (no drop shadows)
  • More explanatory error messages in UI
  • Improved candle brightness
  • Return remaining nightlight time nl.rem in JSON API (PR #1302)
  • UI sends timestamp with every command, allowing for timed presets without using NTP
  • Added gamma calculation (yet unused)
  • Added LED type definitions to const.h (yet unused)
  • Added nicer 404 page
  • Removed NP and MS= macro HTTP API commands
  • Removed macros from Time settings

Build 2011120

  • Added the ability for the /api MQTT topic to receive JSON API payloads

Build 2011040

  • Inversed Rain direction (fixes #1147)

Build 2011010

  • Re-added previous C9 palette
  • Renamed new C9 palette

Build 2010290

  • Colorful effect now supports palettes
  • Added C9 2 palette (#1291)
  • Improved C9 palette brightness by 12%
  • Disable onboard LED if LEDs are off (PR #1245)
  • Added optional status LED (PR #1264)
  • Realtime max. brightness now honors brightness factor (fixes #1271)
  • Updated ArduinoJSON to 6.17.0

Build 2010020

  • Fixed interaction of T and NL HTTP API commands (#1214)
  • Fixed an issue where Sunrise mode nightlight does not activate if toggled on simultaneously

Build 2009291

  • Fixed MQTT bootloop (no F() macro, #1199)

Build 2009290

  • Added basic DDP protocol support
  • Added Washing Machine effect (PR #1208)

Build 2009260

  • Added Loxone parser (PR #1185)
  • Added support for kelvin input via K= HTTP and "col":[[val]] JSON API calls Notice: "col":[[val]] removed in build 2011200, use "col":[val]
  • Added supplementary UDP socket (#1205)
  • receivable by default
  • UDP sockets accept HTTP and JSON API commands
  • Fixed missing timezones (#1201)

Build 2009202

  • Fixed LPD8806 compilation

Build 2009201

  • Added support for preset cycle toggling using CY=2
  • Added ESP32 touch pin support (#1190)
  • Fixed modem sleep on ESP8266 (#1184)

Build 2009200

  • Increased available heap memory by 4kB
  • Use F() macro for the majority of strings
  • Restructure timezone code
  • Restructured settings saved code
  • Updated ArduinoJSON to 6.16.1

Build 2009170

  • New WLED logo on Welcome screen (#1164)
  • Fixed 170th pixel dark in E1.31

Build 2009100

  • Fixed sunrise mode not reinitializing
  • Fixed passwords not clearable

Build 2009070

  • New Segments are now initialized with default speed and intensity

Build 2009030

  • Fixed bootloop if mDNS is used on builds without OTA support

WLED version 0.10.2

Build 2008310

  • Added new logo
  • Maximum GZIP compression (#1126)
  • Enable WebSockets by default

Development versions between 0.10.0 and 0.10.2 releases

Build 2008300

  • Added new UI customization options to UI settings
  • Added Dancing Shadows effect (#1108)
  • Preset cycle is now paused if lights turned off or nightlight active
  • Removed esp01 and esp01_ota envs from travis build (need too much flash)

Build 2008290

  • Added individual LED control support to JSON API
  • Added internal Segment Freeze/Pause option

Build 2008250

  • Made platformio_override.ini example easier to use by including the default_envs property
  • FastLED uses now as timer, so effects using e.g. beatsin88() will sync correctly
  • Extended the speed range of Pacifica effect
  • Improved receiving (#1100)
  • Fixed exception on empty MQTT payload (#1101)

Build 2008200

  • Added segment mirroring to web UI
  • Fixed segment mirroring when in reverse mode

Build 2008140

  • Removed verbose live mode info from <ds> in HTTP API response

Build 2008100

  • Fixed Auto White mode setting (fixes #1088)

Build 2008070

  • Added segment mirroring (mi property) (#1017)
  • Fixed DMX settings page not displayed (#1070)
  • Fixed ArtNet multi universe and improve code style (#1076)
  • Renamed global var local to localTime (#1078)

Build 2007190

  • Fixed hostname containing illegal characters (#1035)

Build 2006251

  • Added SV=2 to HTTP API, allow selecting single segment only

Build 2006250

  • Fix Alexa not turning off white channel (fixes #1012)

Build 2006220

  • Added Sunrise nightlight mode
  • Added Chunchun effect
  • Added LO (live override) command to HTTP API
  • Added mode to nl object of JSON state API, deprecating fade
  • Added light color scheme support to web UI (click sun next to brightness slider)
  • Added option to hide labels in web UI (click flame icon next to intensity slider)
  • Added hex color input (click palette icon next to palette select) (resolves #506)
  • Added support for RGB sliders (need to set in localstorage)
  • Added support for custom background color or image (need to set in localstorage)
  • Added option to hide bottom tab bar in PC mode (need to set in localstorage)
  • Fixed transition lag with multiple segments (fixes #985)
  • Changed Nightlight wording (resolves #940)

Build 2006060

  • Added five effects by Andrew Tuline (Phased, Phased Noise, Sine, Noise Pal and Twinkleup)
  • Added two new effects by Aircoookie (Sunrise and Flow)
  • Added US-style sequence to traffic light effect
  • Merged pull request #964 adding 9 key IR remote

Build 2005280

  • Added v2 usermod API
  • Added v2 example usermod usermod_v2_example in the usermods folder as prelimary documentation
  • Added DS18B20 Temperature usermod with Info page support
  • Disabled MQTT on ESP01 build to make room in flash

Build 2005230

  • Fixed TPM2

Build 2005220

  • Added TPM2.NET protocol support (need to set WLED broadcast UDP port to 65506)
  • Added TPM2 protocol support via Serial
  • Support up to 6553 seconds preset cycle durations (backend, NOT yet in UI)
  • Merged pull request #591 fixing WS2801 color order
  • Merged pull request #858 adding fully featured travis builds
  • Merged pull request #862 adding DMX proxy feature

Build 2005100

  • Update to Espalexa v2.4.6 (+1.6kB free heap memory)
  • Added m5atom PlatformIO environment

Build 2005090

  • Default to ESP8266 Arduino core v2.7.1 in PlatformIO
  • Fixed Preset Slot 16 always indicating as empty (#891)
  • Disabled Alexa emulation by default (causes bootloop for some users)
  • Added BWLT11 and SHOJO_PCB defines to NpbWrapper
  • Merged pull request #898 adding Solid Glitter effect

WLED version 0.10.0

Build 2005030

  • DMX Single RGW and Single DRGB modes now support an additional white channel
  • Improved palettes derived from set colors and changed their names

Development versions between 0.9.1 and 0.10.0 release

Build 2005020

  • Added ACST and ACST/ACDT timezones

Build 2005010

  • Added module info page to web UI
  • Added realtime override functionality to web UI
  • Added individial segment power and brightness to web UI
  • Added feature to one-click select single segment only by tapping segment name
  • Removed palette jumping to default if color is changed

Build 2004300

  • Added realtime override option and lor JSON property
  • Added lm (live mode) and lip (live IP) properties to info in JSON API
  • Added reset commands to APIs
  • Added json/si, returning state and info, but no FX or Palette lists
  • Added rollover detection to millis(). Can track uptimes longer than 49 days
  • Attempted to fix Wifi issues with Unifi brand APs

Build 2004230

  • Added brightness and power for individual segments
  • Added on and bri properties to Segment object in JSON API
  • Added C3 an SB commands to HTTP get API
  • Merged pull request #865 for 5CH_Shojo_PCB environment

Build 2004220

  • Added Candle Multi effect
  • Added Palette capability to Pacifica effect

Build 2004190

  • Added TM1814 type LED defines

Build 2004120

  • Added Art-Net support
  • Added OTA platform to platformio.ini

Build 2004100

  • Fixed DMX output compilation
  • Added DMX start LED setting

Build 2004061

  • Fixed RBG and BGR getPixelColor (#825)
  • Improved formatting

Build 2004060

  • Consolidated global variables in wled.h

Build 2003300

  • Major change of project structure from .ino to .cpp and func_declare.h

Build 2003262

  • Fixed compilation for Analog LEDs
  • Fixed sync settings network port fields too small

Build 2003261

  • Fixed live preview not displaying whole light if over 255 LEDs

Build 2003251

  • Added Pacifica effect (tentative, doesn't yet support other colors)
  • Added Atlantica palette
  • Fixed ESP32 build of Espalexa

Build 2003222

  • Fixed Alexa Whites on non-RGBW lights (bump Espalexa to 2.4.5)

Build 2003221

  • Moved Cronixie driver from FX library to drawOverlay handler

Build 2003211

  • Added custom mapping compile define to FX_fcn.h
  • Merged pull request #784 by @TravisDean: Fixed initialization bug when toggling skip first
  • Added link to youtube videos by Room31 to readme

Build 2003141

  • Fixed color of main segment returned in JSON API during transition not being target color (closes #765)
  • Fixed arlsLock() being called after pixels set in E1.31 (closes #772)
  • Fixed HTTP API calls not having an effect if no segment selected (now applies to main segment)

Build 2003121

  • Created - make tracking changes to code easier
  • Merged pull request #766 by @pille: Fix E1.31 out-of sequence detection