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This folder serves as a repository for usermods (custom wled06_usermod.ino files)!

If you have created an usermod that you believe is useful (for example to support a particular sensor, display, feature...), feel free to contribute by opening a pull request!

In order for other people to be able to have fun with your usermod, please keep these points in mind:

  • Create a folder in this folder with a descriptive name (for example usermod_ds18b20_temp_sensor_mqtt)
  • Include your custom wled06_usermod.ino file
  • If your usermod requieres changes to other WLED files, please write a outlining the steps one has to take to use the usermod
  • Create a pull request!
  • If your feature is useful for the majority of WLED users, I will consider adding it to the base code!

While I do my best to not break too much, keep in mind that as WLED is being updated, usermods might break.
I am not actively maintaining any usermod in this directory, that is your responsibility as the creator of the usermod.

Thank you for your help :)

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