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OvenMediaEngine project is open to everyone. We are very grateful for your considering contribution to the OvenMediaEngine.

What you can contribute

  • Bug reports
  • Feature requests
  • Improving documentation
  • Writing code

And any kind of contributions that can make our project better!

First step

All contributions start with the Issue. Please join the Issue if it is an unresolved Issue or create an Issue if it does not already exist. We will contact you to find the best solution without getting lost. We hope all conversations are done through the Issue for history purposes.

Bug reports

Please make sure you have tested with the latest stable version. It is helpful to give as much detail as possible to the reproduction path when registering an issue.

Feature requests

Suggest new features that you and others would find useful. When you register it as an Issue, please provide a description of the function, why it is needed, and how it should work. We will organize these features and provide milestones and implement them in the near future.

Improving documentation and Writing code

We are still discussing the commit guidelines, style guides, testing methods, and Pull request processes. It is similar to the way many other projects use it. However, if you want to contribute immediately, please create it as an Issue or mail to Please don't worry! We're here to help you.

We will update this section little by little.

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