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OvenPlayer is an HTML5 player designed for smooth streaming with ultra-low latency from OvenMediaEngine.
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OvenPlayer - Media player for web

The OvenPlayer is a HTML5 player designed to make it easier to play Ultra-low latency streams from the OvenMediaEngine.

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What is OvenMediaEngine?

OvenMediaEngine(OME) is a streaming engine for real-time live broadcasting with Ultra-low latency. It receives the RTMP stream from general broadcasting studios such as OBS, XSplit and transmit it on WebRTC. Video streams with Ultra-low latency can be played in a browser without plug-ins.


  • Ultra-low latency stream playback
  • Full custom support with separate UI and SDK
  • Support for playback regardless of browser and media type
  • Supports all common player functions
  • Supported Protocols : WebRTC (Signalling protocol conforms to the OME specification.), HLS, MPEG-Dash
  • Easily create profit by adding Ads in various formats
  • Supports various subtitle formats (SMI, VTT, SRT)

Quick Start

Please read Quick Start chapter in tutorials.

API and Configuration

Start the Demo.

Visit API and Configuration for more details.

How to Contribute

Please read Guidelines and our Rules.


OvenPlayer is licensed under the MIT license.

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