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poco-sdk for Unity3D poco-sdk for cocos2dx

This repo contains all implememented poco-sdk, for most popular game engines.

Each directory is an engine specific poco-sdk implementation. You can simply copy the corresponding directory to your project and initialize the module/class from your game scripts.

sdk directory contains the unimplemented language specific base sdk, which can be used to implement an poco-sdk for other game engines

For more detailed integration steps, please refer to Integration Guide.

Issue title format

Feel free to open an issue if you are stuck at integrating the SDK module in your game/app.

The title format will be [<EngineName>-sdk] xxx. e.g. [cocos2dx-lua sdk] XXX Error occurs when...


We welcome everyone to implement other 3rd party platforms/engines for poco-sdk.


Egret: By github.com/szzg