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Translate Paperclipped Assets using Radiant Globalize2 Extension.
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Radiant Globalize2-Paperclipped Extension


An extension by Aissac that helps translating Radiant Paperclipped Assets using Radiant Globalize2 Extension.

Requires Radiant >= 0.8. Tested on Radiant 0.9 RC1.

Check out a screencast presenting the Globalize2 extension and one on compatibility issues, which covers this extension.


  • Provides the ability to translate Paperclipped assets (title and caption) using the Radiant admin interface.
  • Altered Paperclipped Radius Tags which take into account the locale

Important Notice!

The git branches of this repository hold stable versions of the extension for older versions of Radiant CMS. For example the 0.8 branch is compatible with Radiant 0.8.

To checkout one of these branches:

git clone git:// vendor/extensions/globalize2_paperclipped
cd vendor/extensions/globalize2_paperclipped
git checkout -b <branch-name> origin/<remote-branch-name>

As an example, if you're working on Radiant 0.8 you will need to checkout the 0.8 branch:

cd vendor/extensions/globalize2_paperclipped
git checkout -b my_branch origin/0.8


Globalize2-Paperclipped Extension has two dependencies:

The Paperclipped Extension:

git clone git:// vendor/extensions/paperclipped

And the Radiant Globalize2 Extension

git clone git:// vendor/extensions/globalize2

Run the rake tasks, first for Paperclipped, then for Globalize 2:

rake radiant:extensions:paperclipped:migrate
rake radiant:extensions:paperclipped:update

rake radiant:extensions:globalize2:migrate
rake radiant:extensions:globalize2:update

Install the Radiant Globalize2-Paperclipped Extension

git clone git:// vendor/extensions/globalize2_paperclipped

And run the rake tasks:

rake radiant:extensions:globalize2_paperclipped:migrate
rake radiant:extensions:globalize2_paperclipped:update


For installation and configuration of Paperclipped and Globalize2 Extensions read their release notes.

Being based on these two extensions Globalize2-Paperclipped needs to be loaded after both of them.

config.extensions = [ :paperclipped, :globalize2, :globalize2_paperclipped, :all ]


You have the possibility to change the locale either on the assets index page, or on the asset edit page. As for the Globalize2, changing the locale using either options will change the locale for the entire application.

Available Tags

  • See the "available tags" documentation built into the Radiant page admin for more details.
  • Use the and tags to render the asset only if/unless it is translated
  • The and tags render the contained elements only if/unless there are translated assets for the current locale.
  • The tag cycles through all the translated assets attached to the current page. You can force the tag to cycle through all attached assets by setting the locale attribute to false


Tiny Paper

The Globalize2-Paperclipped Extension provides compatibility for Globalize2 and Radiant Tiny Paper. You only have to be careful about the extensions load order:

config.extensions = [ :paperclipped, :globalize2, :tiny_paper, :globalize2_paperclipped, :all ]



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