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An extension for Radiant CMS that allows you to specify and change the order of child pages within their parent page.
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= Reorder

Created by Sean Cribbs, October 2007.  Inspired by Adam Williams' original
reorder extension.

Allows pages to be arbitrarily ordered underneath their parent.  This is useful
for creating navigations based on children of a given page.  Buttons are added
to the sitemap that allow you to move individual pages higher or lower in the 
ordering, or to the top or bottom of the list.

No drag-and-drop for now!  Keeping it simple.

Included images are slightly modified from FamFamFam Silk Icons by Mark James:

== Installation

1) Unpack/checkout/export the extension into vendor/extensions of your project.

2) Run the extension migrations.

  $ rake production radiant:extensions:reorder:migrate

3) Run the extension update task.

  $ rake production radiant:extensions:reorder:update
4) Restart your server and edit the order of the pages from the admin interface.
To bypass the ordering system simply supply a "by" option to the finder tags.

== Compatibility
The 0.7.1 tag is compatible with Radiant 0.7.1. Edge is currently compatible with Radiant 0.8.0RC1.
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