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Aito is a predictive database for developers who value quick time to market.

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  1. json-stringify-pretty-compact json-stringify-pretty-compact Public

    Forked from lydell/json-stringify-pretty-compact

    The best of both `JSON.stringify(obj)` and `JSON.stringify(obj, null, indent)`.

    JavaScript 6 3

  2. grocery-store-demo-app grocery-store-demo-app Public

    Grocery store demo app for trainings

    JavaScript 6 2

  3. aito-python-tools aito-python-tools Public

    An open-source library that helps you to integrate your Python application to Aito quicker and more efficiently

    Python 5

  4. example-robocorp-invoice example-robocorp-invoice Public

    Predict GL codes for purchase invoices using Aito on Google Sheets and Robocorp.

    Python 5 1

  5. aito-examples aito-examples Public

    Examples of using Aito

    Python 3

  6. aito-instant-predictions-for-airtable aito-instant-predictions-for-airtable Public

    Use to predict missing values in your Airtable bases.

    TypeScript 3 1


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