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A generic python converter using pandas to convert data into aito format
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PyPI PyPI version

A useful library for Aito users containg:

  • CLI for using Aito
  • Integration with Pandas


To install with pip, run: pip install aitoai

To install from source, first clone the repository and then run: python install

Basic Usage

Command line interface support tools

aito -h
usage: aito [-h] <action> ...

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit

  action to perform

                      infer an Aito table schema from a file
    convert           convert a file into ndjson|json format
    database          perform operations with your Aito database instance

NOTE: For database action, remember to set up your Aito instance credentials.

The CLI supports tab completion using argcomplete. More instructions can be found here

For addition guide of the CLI tool, see the CLI documentations

Integrating with pandas DataFrame

  • Generate Aito Schema from a pandas DataFrame:
    from aito.utils.schema_handler import SchemaHandler
    schema_handler = SchemaHandler()

Feedback & bug reports

We take our quality seriously and aim for the smoothest developer experience possible. If you run into problems, please send an email to containing reproduction steps and we'll fix it as soon as possible.


MIT License

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