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Schedule 1329

The app is available on AppStore

This is an iOS app with Courses description catalogue of Moscow school 1329 (in spite of project's name, the schedule was decided not to be included by project managers). The iOS app is a part of group project at Software Engeneering course at NSU HSE. In addition, there are the following parts:

Although, only this app is under my responsibility, not other parts, nor the whole project. But I also created the icon for both apps.


  • The app saves courses list and can use it when there is not Internet connection.
  • You can search for occurrence, send an e-mail, or open map by click on corresponding fields.
  • Paid courses are marked in common catalogue.
  • Keyoard is hiding by click ourside it or field being edited.
  • Gestures are supported to show/hide bottom bar, or to exit from a course description.

Used techniques:

  • GUI: StoryBoard's, xib's, UINavigationController, UITableView (with dynamic cells height), UIAlertController, UISearchController, UISwipeGestureRecognizer
  • Networking: NSURLSession, NSMutableURLRequest
  • Data storing: NSUserDefaults
  • Architectural: Singleton pattern (the Settings class), NSTimer NSNotificationCenter
  • Other apps interaction: [UIApplication openURL: options: completionHandler: ], Firebase Analytics


Courses description iOS app for Moscow school 1329







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