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Add keyboard support to Chrome's native HTML5 video player.

This extension adds an extensive list of keyboard controls to improve your viewing experience. The shortcuts are only active on videos with the default controls enabled, so don't worry about them messing up YouTube or other advanced video players. To enable controls (and keyboard shortcuts) on videos that don't have them, just right-click the video in question and select "Show controls".

Note that this extension is only meant to affect Chrome's native HTML5 video player!


Keys Effects
Click Select video, Play/Pause selected video
Double-Click / F Toggle fullscreen
Space / K Play/Pause
Left Arrow / J Skip back 5 seconds
with Shift: 10 seconds
with Control: 1 second
Right Arrow / L Skip forward 5 seconds
with Shift: 10 seconds
with Control: 1 second
Comma (,) Skip back 1/60th of a second
Period (.) Skip forward 1/60th of a second
Home / 0 Skip to beginning
End Skip to end
1 - 9 Skip to X% (10%, 20%, 30%, ... 90%)
Up Arrow Increase volume
Down Arrow Decrease volume
M Toggle mute
C Toggle captions
R Reload video source
Less Than (<) Slow down video playback
Greater Than (>) Speed up video playback
Question Mark (?) Return to default playback speed