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Releases: AjayLimaye/lasVR


28 Nov 03:33
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Fixed bug in node selection in VR which prevented it from showing full resolution point cloud at closer distances.


27 Sep 05:36
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Srishti_v1.10 Pre-release

Srishti version 1.10

Add annotations (text and icons) in VR. The annotations are saved in Json format in the same directory as PoTree data.

Note that due to similarities in key mapping between Vive and Oculus controllers, the annotation functionality works best on the Vive.

This release is marked as a pre-release due to imperfect implementation of annotation features in the Oculus. The software works fine otherwise.


03 Oct 04:10
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PoTree point cloud renderer for VR.

Drag and drop Potree directory to view point clouds in VR. Works on HTC Vive and Oculus.

(Note that binary v1.06 is current but source code is not up to date)