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Workshop at the kick-off for OERCompBiomed, nov 2017. Scroll down for instructions, or click
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AkademiX workshop: OERCompBiomed

Kick-off (17-Nov-2017)

A hands-on workshop where you'll become familiar with course development on the Open edX-based platform

Agenda for the workshop

  • Introuction: A brief description of the platform.
  • Hands-on: Learn how to develop a course on the AkademiX platform by working through a series of tasks of increasing complexity.


Slides from the introduction: Intro presentation (click SPACE to navigate forward, ESC for an overview of the slides)


Start with Task 1. When you have completed Tasks 1–7 you'll be able to produce your own AkademiX course. The remaining tasks touch on some more advanced functionality.

Need help?

Task 1: Getting started

Aim: Create a user account on Become a course developer on your own NordBiomed course in AkademiX Studio

Click here to start Task 1

Task 2: Construct your first course module

Aim: Create a course module, incorporating a video, some text, and an exercise.

Click here to start Task 2

Task 3: Construct the framework for a complete course

Aim: Make sections and subsections for an e-learning course, including assignments, midterm and a final exam.

Click here to start Task 3

Task 4: Course description

Aim: Write the course description (Example).

Click here to start Task 4


Task 5: Adjust basic settings for the course

Aim: Select / adjust dates for course start and end, procedures for grading, adding course updates.

Click here to start Task 5

Task 6: Add students and staff to the course

Aim: Add other course developers / testers to the course (other staff, study coordinatorts, teaching assistants, etc). Multiple options for adding students: self enrollment; import from list.

Click here to start Task 6

Task 7: Launch the course

Mål: Release the course to students.

Click here to start Task 7

Task 8: Export the course (backup)

Aim: Save/export the course to file (i.e. create a backup).

Click here to start Task 8

Task 9: Forum and wiki

Aim: Getting to know the built-in course forum and course wiki.

Click here to start Task 9

Task 10: Add files and handouts

Aim: Add files to the course. Handouts for the students, textbooks etc.

Click here to start Task 10

Task 11: Advanced content

Aim: Add advanced methods for grading and assessment, and other content: peer assessment, Google or MS-documents, programming tasks in Python, accessing external content.

Click here to start Task 11


For a list of recommended hardware and software, see Equipment.

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