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Task 10

What you'll learn

  • How to add files to the course
  • How to add handouts


(i) Images and documents can be added to the course via Files & Uploads in the Studio:


Upload a file to your course and link to it in an HTML block. If it's an image it can be embedded by using an "" tag.

(ii) An often better alternative is to link to files uploaded to Dropbox or similar (or S3). Make sure the documents are marked as "public". Otherwise the server cannot access them.

Add a file via an external URL.


"Handouts" are shown on the main page of the course. They can be added in the Studio. Click Content and Updates. If you've uploaded handouts via Files & Uploads they can be added as follows:

<p><a href="/static/pensum_2016.pdf" target="_blank">Pensum</a></p>
<p><a href="/static/ordliste_v2.pdf" target="_blank">Dictionary</a></p>

You can use an external URL in the href=.

Return to the start page and select Task 11.