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Task 2

What you'll learn

  • How to create sections and modules in the course
  • How to add videos and text to the course
  • How to add exercises (a multiple choice exercise, for now)


(i) Log in to your course in the AkademiX Studio.

(ii) Click the button + New Section and name the section (f.ex. "Introduction")

New section

(iii) Click the button + New Subsection and provide a name for the subsection (f.ex. "Welcome"). Then click + New Unit.

(iv) Click Publish in the box on the right-hand side, and then Preview. You will be sent to the course page. Here you can see what you've created so far, as it will be seen by the students. Not very exciting yet, because there is no content.. Content will be added in Task b).

First preview


(i) Go back to the AkademiX Studio page in your browser. Select Vidoe under Add New Component in the Unit you created previously. A default placeholder video will then be added. Keep this for now. Click on the edit symbol at the top of the page to give a name to the Unit (f.ex. Video introduction). Click Publish.

(ii) Select + New Unit in the menu in the lower right-hand side.

New unit

(iii) Name the unit (f.ex. "Information about the course"). Click the HTML button and choose Text.

(iv) Click the Edit button (next to the eye). A text editor will appear. Write something here (f.ex. "Placeholder"). We'll change the text later. Click Save and then Publish.

(v) Click + New Unit in the menu at the lower right-hand side. Name the unit (f.ex. "Questions"). Click the green Problem button and select Multiple Choice. Then click Publish.

(vi) Click Preview to see what you've made this far. You should see something like the following:

Test 1

Click the left arrow twice. The students in the course will see this video first. After watching the video they'll click the arrow to the right and come to the text block we made. Finally, they'll come to our multiple choice question.


Let's change the video, tesxt and exercise.

Click here for a selection of videos and texts you can use to fill your course with (temporary) content: Workshop resources. Optionally, you can find your own videos and texts. Or even record a presentation in the e-learning station we've set up.

(i) Go back to the video unit. Click EDIT:

Edit video

Change the Default Video URL with a video from Workshop resources. Click Publish.

(ii) Go to the text unit after the video ("Information about the course"). Click EDIT and write a short text. You can use the following outline:

About the course [this can be set to "Heading 1"]

[A short intro to what the course is about]

Content ["Heading 2"]

[Progress plan]

Experiment a bit with the menu options in the editor: Editor menu

(iii) Go to the last unit in the module. Click EDIT in the multiple choice question you've added in Task 2. Replace the text with something suitable. You can remove ecerythig up to the ">>". The correct response is marked with an "x".

See the MC documentation for more information about this kind of question.

Click Content and then Outline in the header menu. Then click Publish on the unpublished content:


Click View Live.