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Task 3

What you'll learn

  • Use what you learned in the previous task to create the framework of an entire course
  • Add obligatory assignments, midterm exam and final exam


(i) Go back to the Studio tab. Click the Content menu at the top and select Outline. Click + New Section and give it a name.

(ii) Add new sections using the + New Section button, and subsections via + New Subsection until you have more-or-less a complete framework for a course.

Course outline

(iii) Add Units inside the sections as you see fit. You can use videos from Workshop resources or elsewhere.


(i) Add a section called "midterm" in the middle of the course somewhere. Remark: Sections can be rearranged by dragging the right hand side of the section boxes.


Add some Units with exam questions. Click Problem under Add New Component. You'll see a list of regular question types. Under Advanced you'll find more.

Advanced problems

You'll also find other question types by clicking Advanced under Add New Component.

Advanced components

See the documentation for more about the various kinds of questions available.

(ii) Return to Content --> Outline. Click Deleksamen and select Settings on each of the subsections.

Settings subsection

Via Grade as: you can mark the section as a Midterm exam.

(iii) You can do the same with other questions and exercises in your course. They can, for example, be marked as Homework.

Add a final exam (Grade as: Final exam).

(iv) Return to Content --> Outline and make sure all the content is published. Then click View live. You have created the framework for a complete course.


Feel free to experiment further in the AkademiX Studio before returning to the start page and choosing Task 4.