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Task 4

What you'll learn?


(i) Click Setting and Schedule & Details. Click the link under Course Summary Page. The goal of Task 4 is to change this description.

(ii) Under Schedule & Details, scroll down to Introducing Your Course. In the Course Overview box you'll find the HTML for the course about page. The text contains suggested content. Make some adjustments and then click Save Changes. Return to the link at the top of the page to view your changes.

(iii) Below Course Image you'll find the course image shown on Change the URL to another suitable image. Click Save Changes. You can upload an image using Upload Course Image. The dimensions of the image should be adjusted. Experiment until you get something that looks alright (220x140 is an example of a suitable dimension).

Familiarize yourself with other settings under Schedule & Details before returning to the start page, selecting Task 5.