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Task 9

What you'll learn

  • How to use the course forum
  • How to use the course wiki


(i) Each AkademiX course has its own forum, available to all course participants.

Forum link

Add a new post via New Post.

(ii) To add a discussion topic, go to Studio, click Advanced Settings, navigate to Discussion Topic Mapping and write:

   "General": {
       "id": "course"
   "Questions about the course": {
        "id": "course_q"


You'll find more information about the forum here.


(i) By default, the course also has an associated wiki, editable by all course participants (unless you specify otherwise under Advanced Settings)

wiki link

Add a new element by clicking + Add article.

The wiki can for example be used for FAQs, sharing course information, useful resouces, errata, gather feedback, etc.

(ii) To deactivate the wiki, go to Studio, select Content and then Pages. Click the "eye" in the Wiki row.


More about the wiki here.


Feel free to experiment with the forum and the wiki before returning to the start page to select Task 10.