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Recommended hardware

For producing e-learning videos

Here are our setups. We typically use relatively cheap "do-it-yourself" solutions. The most important ingredients is a tablet and a good microphone. You'll find lots of good guides and resources online about producing e-learning videos.

Simple setup

More advanced setup

  • Tablet: Wacom Cintiq 22HD. Approximately EUR 1700.
  • Headset microphone and mixer: This one is mainly for our mathematics courses. The table microphones like the Yeti tend to pick up "tapping" sounds from the tablet. Less so for headset-based microphones. We use the Audio-Technica BPHS1 in combination with the USB mixer Behringer XENYX 302USB. Approximate price: EUR 200 + 50.
  • Webcam: The Logitech web cameras are nice. We use the C930e, which costs approximately EUR 65.

Recommended software

  • PowerPoint: If you normally use PowerPoint for your lectures, then it's easiest to turn your presentations into videos directly in PowerPoint: Turn your presentation into a video.
  • Screen recorder: With a screen recorder you can record a video from any software (f.ex. OneNote). We use the OBS Studio, which is free and open source. Note: If you use PowerPoint, a separate screen recorder is not necessary (you can use PowerPoint's built-in screen recorder).