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# Task 10

### What you'll learn
* How to add files to the course
* How to add handouts

### a)

(i) Images and documents can be added to the course via **Files & Uploads** in the Studio:


Upload a file to your course and link to it in an HTML block. If it's an image it can be embedded by using an "<img>" tag.

(ii) An often better alternative is to link to files uploaded to Dropbox or similar (or S3). Make sure the documents are marked as "public". Otherwise the server cannot access them.

Add a file via an external URL.

### b)

"Handouts" are shown on the main page of the course. They can be added in the Studio. Click **Content** and **Updates**. If you've uploaded handouts via **Files & Uploads** they can be added as follows:
<p><a href="/static/pensum_2016.pdf" target="_blank">Pensum</a></p>
<p><a href="/static/ordliste_v2.pdf" target="_blank">Dictionary</a></p>

You can use an external URL in the *href=*.

Return to [the start page](../ and select Task 11.
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# Task 11

### What you'll learn
* Get a taste of advanced content

### a)

(i) Tell AkademiX (Alexander, Jonas, Arvid) that you want to be added as a course developer to the workshop version of the demo course at *Workshop - Akademix Demo*.

(ii) The course contains a number of advanced content blocks. Click around to familiarize yourself with these. You can copy the content to your own course.

### You've now finished all the tasks!

To learn more: experiment, ask, and read the documentation ( You can also join the [edX Course Creator XSeries](
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# Task 6

### What you'll learn
* Hvordan legge til kursutviklere
* Hvordan legge til studenter
* How to add course developers
* How to add students

### a)

Legg til en av de andre workshopdeltakerne i **Course Team** for ditt kurs og vice versa.
Add one of the other workshop participants to the **Course Team**.
![Course team](team.png)

Sjekk at dere har tilgang til hverandres kurs på [Studio-hjemmesiden](
Check that you can access each others courses on the [Studio homepage](

### b)

(i) Studenter legges til gjennom kurssiden, ikke i Studio. Gå til, logg inn, og gå inn på kurset ditt.
(i) Students are added through the course website, not in the Studio. Go to, log in, and access your course.

Trykk på **Instructor**:
Click **Instructor**:

![Instructor tab](instructor.png)

Under **MEMBERSHIP** finner du funksjonalitet for å legge til studenter (og "Staff"). Legg til et par studenter (blant workshop-deltakerne eller andre).
In **MEMBERSHIP** you can add students (and "Staff"). Add a few students (among the workshop participants or others).

Note that if the starting date for the course is in the future, the students cannot log in to the course.

Merk at om startdato er frem i tid får ikke studentene logget seg inn.


(ii) Forsøk å legge til betatestere og sett antall dager med betatesting slik at kurset blir tilgjengelig for disse. Hint: under **Advanced Settings** i Studio.
(ii) Add a few beta testers and adjust the number of days of beta testing so that the course becomes available for the beta testers. Hint: under **Advanced Settings** in Studio.

### Ekstra
### Extra

Du må gjerne eksperimentere litt med **Instructor**-siden før du går tilbake til [startsiden](../
Feel free to experiment with the **Instructor** page before returning to [the start page](../
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# Task 7

### What you'll learn
* How to add beta testers
* Tips for the beta testing phase
* Checklist before launch

### a)

Skim through the [beta testing documentation](

### b)

In [the course launch documentation]( you'll find a useful course launch check list.

### Extra

Familiarize yourself with [the documentation](

#### You now know essentially all you need to know to develop a course on AkademiX!

If you want to try out some more advanced functionality, return to [the start page](../ and select Task 8.
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# Task 8

### What you'll learn
* Export and download the course (backup)

### a)

Go to the Studio. Select **Tools** and then **Export**. Click **Export Course Content**.

The generated file contains the course content and structure, along with the course settings. Note: *It doesn't contain data about students, nor forum and wiki content.
By importing this file you'll restore the current version of the course. This works as a backup of what you've done so far. (In addition, AkademiX regularly performs complete backups of the entire server, of course).
Return to [the start page](../ and select Task 9.
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# Task 9

### What you'll learn
* How to use the course forum
* How to use the course wiki

### a)

(i) Each AkademiX course has its own forum, available to all course participants.

![Forum link](forum.png)

Add a new post via **New Post**.


(ii) To add a discussion topic, go to Studio, click **Advanced Settings**, navigate to **Discussion Topic Mapping** and write:
"General": {
"id": "course"
"Questions about the course": {
"id": "course_q"

#### Documentation
You'll find more information about the forum [here](

### b)

(i) By default, the course also has an associated wiki, editable by all course participants (unless you specify otherwise under **Advanced Settings**)

![wiki link](wiki.png)

Add a new element by clicking **+ Add article**.

The wiki can for example be used for FAQs, sharing course information, useful resouces, errata, gather feedback, etc.


(ii) To deactivate the wiki, go to Studio, select **Content** and then **Pages**. Click the "eye" in the Wiki row.

#### Documentation
More about the wiki [here](

### Extra

Feel free to experiment with the forum and the wiki before returning to [the start page](../ to select Task 10.
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