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This wiki explains how to use the reassembly-ai-mod-example repo as a starting point from which to create your own Reassembly AI mods.


AI mods are implemented as DLLs loaded by Reassembly so it can ask for new objects implementing the AIAction interface. Currently only Windows is supported. WARNING: Because the Reassembly AI mod interface is so direct, there is some risk involved in running them on your computer. A malicious mod writer can execute nearly any code they wish in their mod. Use at your own risk! Instead of adding a minimal, easy to use interface to Reassembly with careful checks that try to prevent crashes, memory issues, and cheating, the Reassembly AI modding interface uses all the same code as the game itself. For better and for worse. Only some functions/types/values are exposed by the Reassembly export library, but the mod programmer has free reign to do as they wish with what's available. Please do not go and directly edit memory or pull any similar trickery, even if it "works" and seems completely reliable. We make no guarantees about Reassembly's data maintaining the same layout in memory over time.

This is still very new. Please provide feedback on any points where instructions are vague, confusing, ambiguous, or just seem outdated.

This repo (reassembly-ai-mod-example) is intended to be boilerplate for starting new AI mods. There's a fork of this repo that shows a simple but complete AI mod. Reassembly-Weapon-Engine-Assist-AI. This second repo may be a good reading reference for what adding a couple of new AI Actions looks like.

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