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The blogpost containing screenshots and more info on this release can be found here.

Feedback & Issues

In case the dapp crashes or becomes unresponsive, Cmd/Ctrl+R is your friend.

Akashic Proverb

The Mac OS version is slightly less tested than the Linux and Windows versions so it might be more prone to errors than the other releases. That being said, all versions need more testing and could showcase bugs and errors.

The best thing to do in case you stumble upon a bug is to open a GitHub issue, attaching a screenshot and a copy of the logs describing the error. Moreover, a description of the steps required to reproduce the error would be fantastic!

On the other hand, if you have an idea that you’d like to share with us don’t be shy - we have a Slack channel for brainstorming ideas and we’d love to hear from you! 

A Special Note On AETH (AKASHA ETH)

AETH is our test token on the private chain used for this pre-release. As a test token it does not have any value outside the purpose of testing AKASHA. At this point, you can obtain AETH tokens by creating an identity on AKASHA.


A list of FAQs is being built on this Wiki - make sure you check it in case you stumble upon a problem.

Checksums (SHA-256) Installers
bb24fc36bded6628d339e4af05b0247bf652d6018b539c7b70a660463264734a AKASHA-win-x64-0.4.0.exe

fb7580190746a16bc3be4cd60fb16fddeda08bbd9d9c8995d33dc043b8522768  AKASHA-linux-x64-0.4.0.deb

d4c3038b7316ef7423552aa7303c332a9c024750fdee4119d06c3e15e90cae5b AKASHA-macosx-0.4.0.dmg
Checksums (SHA-256) Archives



Change Log 0.4.0

Bug Fixes

  • Comments: correctly remove mouse wheel listener
  • Comments: fix new comments count when navigating between entries
  • Comments: new comments button does not bounce anymore :D
  • Comments: pluralize comments in new comments message
  • CommentsEditor: reset comment editor content after each publish
  • Entry: display placeholder when entry publisher cannot be resolved
  • Entry: get own vote when navigating from one entry to another
  • Entry card: wrap tags on multiple lines
  • EntryState: fix flag merging on full entry action
  • Geth-bin: add upgrading event
  • People: fix follower bot issues
  • Profile: add character limit for first name and last name
  • Profile: issue with subsequently adding and removing profile links
  • Profile: make links fields (title, url) required
  • Profile: UI breaks when first name and last name don't contain alphabetic characters
  • Profile hover card: attempt to fix tooltip not showing on hover
  • Publish panel: fix tags updating
  • Stream: empty tag tab when reloading the page from bookmarks
  • Tags: fix phrasing on illegal characters (thanks @rabbit)


  • Chat: add join/leave/post/fetch per whisper channel
  • Chat: join/leave whisper channels
  • Crash-reporter: add crash report service
  • Entry: edit entry
  • Entry: navigate through entry versions
  • Following: add lru cache for following list
  • Fonts: add local fonts config
  • Notifications: enable/disable notifications for specific users
  • Profile hover card: profile hover card initial commit
  • Stream: add following/all entries channel
  • Stream: latest entries
  • Tipping: add gotTipped event
  • Tipping: add send tip