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Knight TouchBar 2000 Donate

KITT 2000 chaser animation for your new MacBook Pro TouchBar. You knew you wanted it.


KnightTouchBar 2000


Youtube Video

How to use

If you don't want to mess with all the files, you can simply download the latest release of the app here. Launch the app and you're good to go.

Edit: not anymore, you will need to compile it yourself. Sorry!

But wait, I don't have the brand new MacbookPro!

Don't worry, neither do I. However, you can still enjoy this beautiful app by checking this app.


  • Chaser animation
  • Knight Rider theme song

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  • v1.1.2:

    • Updated to Swift 5.0
  • v1.1:

    • Added the app icon, way cooler now!
    • Switched from the K2000 ©ed theme song to the scanner sound
  • v1.0 (Initial release)

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