This repository contains various scripts related to Infoblox products (mainly NIOS and NetMRI).
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You will find below two kind of libraries :

  • The first one is a PHP wrapper arround the REST wapi
  • The second ones are smal perl script using the papi

NIOS WAPI (very early release)

The NiosClient is a small PHP library with interacts with the WAPI. It uses guzzle to ease curl calls.

The goal of the library is to expose low level access (CRUD operations) as well as higher levels functions :

  • finding next free name based on a prefix
  • sorting aliases
  • moving aliases from one host to another

As the WAPI does not currently allow to retrieve all fields for a given record type, the library will fetch them by parsing the HTML wapidoc and create an array from it.


The only dependency is Guzzle and it should be resolved using composer.


Here are a few sample calls. Please see source code for more details.

Create a new instance :

$gridMaster = '';
$username = 'wapiuser';
$password = 'wapipassword';
$sslCheck = false;
$client = new NiosClient($gridMaster, $username, $password, $sslCheck);

Get a host record by its address :

$host = $client->getHostAddressByAddress(''));

Get the network record which contains the given address only if its comment contains DMZ

$networkAddress = '';
$network = $client->getNetwork(array(array('comment', '~:', 'DMZ'), array('contains_address', $networkAddress),));

Get the next 3 addresses ignoring the first 2 :

$ignores = array('', '');
$ipCount = 3;
$ref = $network['_ref'];
print_r($client->getNextAvailableIpsForNetwork($ref, $ipCount, $ignores));

Get 10 next available names starting with the prefix with the given minimum padding :

$prefix = 'wapi-prefix';
$count = 10;
$minPadding = 1;
print_r($client->getNextAvailableNames($prefix, $count, $minPadding));

Sort aliases of the given hostname :

$hostname = '';
$host = $client->getHostByName($hostname);

NIOS PAPI (deprecated)

Since CPAN upgrade is obsolete and manual upgrade cumbersome, this script will install the Perl API from the given Grid Master after some sanity checks.

Sample usage :

$ ./

This script can be used as the starting point of others and requires a file present in your @INC path which should look like :

package Credentials;
$data = {
	username => "username",
	password => "password",
	master => "",	

Sample usage :

$ ./

Since the host aliases GUI is sometimes a bit weak, this simple script can be used to move an alias from a source host to a destination host.

Sample usage :

$ ./

Since the host aliases GUI is sometimes a bit weak, this simple script can be used to sort all the aliases of the given host.

Warning, this is done by removing all the aliases to add them back sorted, so for a few seconds, none of the aliases are available.

Sample usage :

$ ./

This simple script was inspired by the "Convert to Host" functionality of a FixedAddress record. So, it can be used to replace the IP address of the given host by its fixed address equivalent created from the given mac-address and template.

Warning, this is done by removing the current IP address to add it back once created using the template, so for a few seconds, the DNS is unavailable.

Sample usage :

$ ./add-fixedaddress-template 019e.b528.cfd2 "Camera address template"