My entry in the March 2017 7drl challenge
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An attempt at a 7 Day Roguelike for the 2017 March Challenge in Java


For this roguelike (besides the obvious initial limitation of being made in 7 days) I have a few things I want to try.

Level Gen

The first thing I will be working on for this is a level gen. Instead of my usual sprawl out from the center I have a new goal for this time. The levels I want for this game is large and long.

Large because I only want 3 levels. I plan to make the character progression based upon the map level you get to. An example that I might use is a fire mage would start with burning hands on level 1, get fireball on level 2, and finally meteor storm on level 3.

Long in this case has the meaning of being more directed. The story I have in my head involves the character trying to short cut across a mountain through a monster infested tunnel. With this I want the level to basically go from left to right but still allowing for branching tunnels.

Previous game affect current game

This is the source of the game. The idea is you get the most powerful ability of the previous character as long as it isn't the same class. Everything else flows from this. Fewer levels so I don't need to make a lot of abilities. Progression based on progress rather than xp so someone doesn't just farm the early area and then kill themselves for the ability. Basically everything else can be changed but this is the source of it all.

Now why do I want this? Simple really, I want people to play more than one class. Being a 7drl I figure I will likely only make a few classes. I know personally I have tended towards falling into my standard magic user rut when playing roguelikes. Using this feature people will want to or maybe even need to play different classes to win. I might even have a major penalty if your using the same class as the last time.

Use Java

The simple choice of programming language matters here. I am new to Java and barring my college CS classes using it I would likely still be using Python. Basically I will be using this to get familar with the language. This however means I have a larger than usual chance that I might not finish.