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A wake up light using a table lamp and a Stellaris Launchpad. The project is described here:

The project can be compiled in eclipse CDT with the GNU ARM plugin ( installed along with the GCC ARM Embedded compiler toolchain ( .

  • lights: Controls an AC dimmer circuit to set the brightness of a lamp attached to it.
  • sound: Uses PWM to play back a sound stored in a header file.
  • time: Used to get and set time form the RTC of the microcontroller and set alarms.
  • uartBt: Uart connection to the HC-05 module. The incoming commands are expected to end with a newline and carriage return "\n\r".
  • buttons: Functions to poll the snooze / alarm-off button.
  • lcd44780_LP: Controls an LCD over GPIO. Not used in the project at the end.
  • syscalls: Lowest layer to newlib for printf and malloc etc.
  • LM4F.ld and LM4F_startup.c: Linker script to tell the GCC linker what goes where and startup code that runs before main.
  • main.c Implements all the commands and the application level logic.

Pin Definition

  • Dimmer(lights) Pins: PE1(0 crossing input), PE2(dimmer control output)
  • UART(2) Pins: PD6-7 (PD6=U2Rx, PD7=U2Tx) - used for UART to Bluetooth converter (don't forget to cross UART pins)
  • PB2 is used as output for sound using T3CCP0 for PWM.
  • PC6 is used as output for sound amplifier power-enable / shutdown.
  • PC7 is used as input for the snooze button.

Unused Pins

These pins were previously used for a UI system based on buttons and an LCD but are not used anymore.

  • LCD Pins: PB0,1,4-7
  • Buttons: PA2-6

Command Interface

  • Get time: Send 't'; Light will respond in its time format.
  • Set time: Send 'T' followed by the time format. e.g. T1:16:45:10 will set time to Monday, 16:45 and 10 seconds.
  • Get alarms: Send 'a'; Light will respond with 7 alarms in time format. Alarms that are not set will be sent as 7:00:00:00.
  • Set alarms: Send 'A' followed by up-to 7 comma separated time values.
  • Set Maximum alarm Brightness and Delay: B<Maximum Alarm Brightness><Alarm Delay>. Brightness is in percentage (0-100); Alarm delay is the time taken in minutes for the ligth to ramp up to the maximum allowed brightness.
  • Set Light Brightness: Send L followed by brightness in percent. e.g. L35 will set the brightness to 35 percent.
  • Snooze Alarm: Send 'z' and the alarm sound will stop for 10 minutes but the light will stay on. This command is currently unused.
  • Stop Alarm: Send 'U'.
  • Demo Mode: Send 'd' and the light will ramp up its brightness gradually to full and gradually lower it back to 0.

Time format <Day of Week>:<Hour>:<Minute>:<Second> where <Hour> is in 24-hour format and <Day of Week> is a number (0-6) where Sunday=0, Monday=1, ..... Saturday=6