It is the Distributed Version of Thug, by which all systems across the world running thug will get connect. Then URLs will be distributed among them to process and get back the results to the main server.
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#Thug Distributed Task Queuing

It is the Distributed Version of Thug, which feed tasks into a Queue to be distributed among thug instances. Thug Instances then connect to the Queue and queue automatically distributes tasks among thug instances giving only one task at a time so that Thug Instances doesn't get loaded up with requests. Then Thug Instances process that tasks and give back the results to the Main Server.

##Thug Worker
It is the Thug Worker which waits for Celery to distribute tasks to it, from 2 different types of queues:

  • Generic Queue(named: "generic").
  • Geolocation Based Queue(named: according to user country code).
    Then it processes the assigned task and returns back the result which stores in "redis" backend.

Folder: ThugD

  1. : It is finding the user country code using its IP address and Team Cymru service.
  2. : It is the Configuration file of Celery which changes all major settings.
  3. : It is main file in which Celery instance is declared and dynamically a new queue is made according to user country code.
  4. : It contains the function to be run by thug instances working all over the world.

File: It is used to run tasks on remote workers.

Tools/Libraries to install:

  1. sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server : Works as Message Broker .
  2. sudo pip install -U celery : Helps in distributing tasks among running workers.
  3. sudo pip install flower : Helps in monitoring and managing remote workers.
  4. sudo pip install dnspython : Helps in dns querying to Team Cymru service.


  1. celery flower : Runs the flower sever.
    Open http://localhost:5555/ in browser to access the tool.
  2. celery worker -A ThugD.main_server.thugd -l info -n w1 : Running Celery worker in foreground with w1 as hostname. Multiple workers can be run using different hostnames.
  3. python : Running 3 types of tasks(specified in file) on worker.
  4. sudo rabbitmqctl list_queues : List active queues. (Optional)

Refer to gh-pages for more information and documentation.